The Aesthetic Programme for Contemporary Circus

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Imagine an borderless mix of traditional circus disciplines and art forms such as high culture and pop culture! The Aesthetic program at S:t Botvids gymnasium is an Upper Secondary School education with a focus on contemporary circus while also preparing you for further studies at the university. It's conducted in cooperation with world-renowned company Cirkus Cirkör External link.. We accept students from all the Nordic countries.

The contemporary circus school syllabus is a recognized part of the Upper Secondary School Programme for those who wish to develop circus skills while achieving full secondary level educational competence.

The circus programme syllabus, has a three year orientation within the aesthetic program, which gives a broad, educational base for further artistic studies as well as university qualification. The circus syllabus is administered from St. Botvids gymnasium in Hallunda, south of Stockholm, and the circus education takes place at Cirkus Cirkör in the Circus Hall in Alby.

More information and application

If you have any questions regarding the Upper Secondary School Programme please do not hesitate to contact our student counselor:

Gisela Dahlberg Olshage

For more information about the programme and how to apply, please contact us using this form:

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